Saturday 1 September 2007

Monday 27 August 2007

Saturday 21 July 2007

Turkish Airlines A330-203

Turkish Airlines A330-203 (TC-JNE) operating instead of the usual B737-800.

Omni Air International DC-10-30

Omni Air International DC-10-30 (N270AX) operating a one-off charter flight.

Friday 22 June 2007

Saudi Arabian Airlines B777-268/ER

Saudi Arabian Airlines B777-268/ER (HZ-AKB) on it's 1st visit. This plane originally meant to fly into Heathrow, the actual MAN flight also arrived meaning 2 Saudi B777s here on the same day.

Saturday 9 June 2007

Saturday 5 May 2007

Saturday 3 February 2007